5 Reasons A Shared Office May Be Right For Your Nonprofit


5 Reasons A Shared Office May Be Right For Your Nonprofit

For nonprofit teams, having a place to call home can be a game-changer. But offices can be expensive and nonprofits often end up hopping around from space to space, without securing a long-term home.

Shared offices offer a nice alternative. Here are 5 reasons a shared office may be right for your nonprofit.

1. Flexible Work Space Options

Whether your nonprofit team needs a private office, dedicated desks, cafe-style seating, or some of everything, shared offices have what you need. Many also offer flexible workspaces within the shared space, such as quiet areas, phone booths and community tables.

2. Virtual Mail and On-site Mailbox

When it’s time to go from passion project to formal nonprofit, a shared office can provide you with a much-needed physical address and on-site mailbox. Even if you’re only in the space a couple of days a week, you have a set mailing address. Many shared office spaces also offer virtual mail.

3. Business Amenities are Provided

What if you never had to think about buying the right printer or scanner again? In shared offices, business amenities, including high-quality printers, copiers, scanners, shredding services and more, are provided.

4. Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

As your nonprofit grows, chances are good you’ll need a space to meet partners, donors and community leaders, as well as host your own events. Shared offices offer meeting rooms and conference rooms so you’ll never have to hold a business meeting in a coffee shop again.

5. Reduced Overhead and Operational To-Do’s

Shared offices take care of all those things you don’t want to, including wifi, coffee and tea, coffee filters, toilet paper and paper towels. When you join a shared office, you can get these operational to-do’s off your plate and focus on your nonprofit work.

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